To All Students, Their Families, and Staff:

Instructions for how to use the PASS system

1. On the left side of the page click on the empty field beside ID and type your students six digit student ID number.
2. Under the ID field click on the PIN number field. Type in your students three digit PIN number.
3. With this information in place, you should be able to browse the other links on the side of the page.
4. No information will probably not show up for: Academic Plan, Fees and Payments, Guidance, Mark History, Test History, and Vaccinations. This information is not always published to the web, so this is normal.
5. The attendance link should show you all of the days that a student has been absent or tardy and from which classes.
6. Current Marks should show you Progress Grades, Quarter Grades, or Semester Grades depending on which was last posted. At the beginning of the year this shouldn't show any grades.
7. The Schedule/Marks link should show you a list of all of the students classes and when they meet. It also gives you their teachers name and a link to the teachers email address. To see the last posted grades for the class click on the Progress link next to the class.

That's it!

Salome High School,
Main Office: 928-859-3453